#B41240   #F16E92   #FFD9DA   #FFFFFF 

Lesson 1 Instructions

  • Pick either an Image or a patterned background tile (Be careful of using anything that maybe )
  • Pick at least 4 colours from your Image/tile.
  • Make a colour swatch with these picking one to be your main background.
  • Make up a webpage using either your patterned background and the colour you have chosen to be your Main background. Or Your image placed on your Main background.
  • Add your colour swatch to the page.
  • Make some buttons to match your page, eg Home, Next, & Email but do not link them as yet.
  • Send the URL to your page to your tutor.

Fan Graphic courtesy of Public Domain archives of Victorian, and
Edwardian era vintage source clipart maintained by AntiqueClipart.com.

Creations by Norrie