Lesson 1: Homework

(Please click on each assignment, to view them.)

  1. Create a simple unordered list of 3 items.
  2. Create a simple ordered list of 3 items, using the default numbering.
  3. Create a second ordered list of 3 items using one of the other types of numbering or lettering.
  4. Create a simple nested list similar to either of the examples above.
    • Instead of 2 sections
    • Make the list with 3 sections.
    • You can use either ordered or unordered list types
    • Mix them if you are brave enough.
  5. Add a named anchor toward the end of the page.
    • One of the nested list items would be a good choice
    • Have a link at the top of the page to this anchor.
NOTE: Please see assignments one through four above.

Assignment 1

Simple unordered list
of 3 items

  • straw dolls
  • teddy bears
  • beany babies

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Assignment 2

Simple ordered list of 3 items
using default numbering

  1. straw
  2. cotton
  3. beans

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Assignment 3

Ordered list of 3 items
Using other numbering or lettering

  1. onions
  2. potatoes
  3. celery

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Assignment 4

Ordered list with 3 sections
Using numbering or lettering

  1. Baking a cake
    1. Main ingredients
      1. Flour
      2. Sugar
      3. Milk
    2. Lesser ingredients
      1. Baking Powder
      2. Shortening
      3. Flavoring
    3. Baking
      1. 400 degree F oven
      2. 30-35 minutes
  2. Eating it is pretty good too

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