In 1982, I got my first computer. Yep! A TRS80. I learned a bit of programming (just enough to make me dangerous). But I didn't use the computer much at home for a long time. I used them at work where I taught several classes each semester on them. I also learned HTML at work in 1992 to make presentations for the classroom.

In 1996 I got an IBM Pentium computer, top of the line at that time. I paid $1500 for it! It came with AOL to get on the internet. AOL was so slow I could click to go to a page and go make dinner and eat before it would finally go to the page. I quickly changed from AOL to RoadRunner Cable Internet. Lightening Speed! In May 2000 I retired from teaching.

In the years since I retired I have done a lot of things to learn how to make web pages. I studied at Web Tech University (WebTechU), I took web design classes at Juelle Web Design, and did a ton of Paint Shop Pro tutorials. I taught classes on line (for free) for both WebTechU and Juelle between 2002 and 2009. To see my work click on the links at the left.

Also in 1996, I first went to Worlds Away, Dreamscape, but didn't stay. I actually joined Dreamscape in September 1997. I like to say I retired to Dreamscape.    :::smile:::    With that high speed internet I would play a game in Dreamscape and the other players thought I was cheating. I first came to Dreamscape because of the technology, but I stayed because of the community. I have visited a lot of online, avatar based games, but they all lacked the community Dreamscape has. It is truly a virtual community with members from all over the world, there is really NOTHING like it. Some people are friendly, some are cantankerous, some are sick. We talk, laugh, play games, and maybe even get into an argument. When someone dies we mourn the loss and have services for them. Unlike most avatar based games, each locale is like a private chat room, in a public locale people can join in on the conversation, however, if you are in your own apartment (we call them turfs), you decide who to allow into the turf and it is really private. You can decorate the turfs or get one that is already done.