Even though I knew some html it had been many years since I had learned it. I began to look on the web for a place that taught html at a reasonable price. I began to use W3Schools but had no way of testing and being sure of my knowledge.
     One day I came across WebTech University which is free, has a set curriculum, and instructors to work with you. The courses are easy and take just two weeks each with only 3 or 4 lessons in each course.

Homework HTML101
Some of my homework here.
Not much to see.

Homework Tables
Tables Homework 1
Tables Homework 2
Tables Homework 3
Tables Homework 4
Tables Homework 5

Homework Frames
Frames Homework 1
Frames Homework 2

Homework Forms
Forms Homework 1
Forms Homework 2
Forms Homework 3
Forms Nextpage

Homework PSP101 Version8
PSP101 Homework 1
PSP101 Homework 2
PSP101 Homework 3
PSP101 Homework 4
PSP101 Homework 5

Homework PSP201 Version8
PSP201 Homework 1
PSP201 Homework 2
PSP201 Homework 3
PSP201 Homework 4

Homework one HTML201
Homework one HTML201
I really tried hard on this one.

Homework CSS
CSS Homework 1
CSS Homework 2
CSS Homework 3
CSS Homework 4